10x12 or 11x14 Concealable Armor System - All Colors Backordered, Due in stock August 7th

10x12 or 11x14 Concealable Armor System - All Colors Backordered, Due in stock August 7th

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BEEZ COMBAT SYSTEMS custom super concealable plate carrier and CATI Armor teamed up to create the world's most concealable rifle threat rated armor system. Utilizing CATI's Combat Quad-Bend (CQB) technology, you can now have rifle threat protection that is super low profile. At a 1/4 inch and rated AR500 level 3 or AR600 level 3+, your armor will be a secret even to the most observant of eyes.

System is adjustable from Medium to XXL, up to about a 58" Chest.

Pair of 10x12 or 11x14 Swimmer Cut CQB Plates

Choose from CATI AR500 Level 3 and CATI AR600 Level 3+

Worn and tested by CATI's in-house former Marine and Blackwater contractor.

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Providing the most comfortable and concealable armor on the market since 2013. 

CATI HIT Training System since 2017.

FROM CUT TO FINISH...In House!  We do it all and we do it right!

** This model complies with NIJ Standard-0101.06 for Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor.**

About our Armor:

What types of Armor Plate do we use?


AR500 Armor Plate is a high hardness (HH) steel used for High Impact and Abrasion Resistant (AR) applications.  To be effective in armor applications to perform to NIJ Level 3 standards, this plate should be in the 505-530 range on the Brinnell Harness Scale.  Level 3 is rated for M80 Ball at 2800 Feet per second, all AK variants and defeats Green Tip M855 as well at 50 feet out of a 16 inch barrel.


AR600 Armor Plate is an Ultra High Harness (UHH) steel used in the most demanding of armor applications.  While it is not a true NIJ rating, it achieves the level of Level 3+.  What this means is that in addition to performing at NIJ Level 3 standards, it also is Special Threat tested to the 5.56 round of M193 up to 3100 feet per second.  Level 3 steels to not protect against that velocity.  Defeats all lower threats and special threat tested for M193.

Plate Coating Options:

What we use:  We utilize a Rhino Linings Industrial product that is recommended and developed specifically for anti-splatter (spalling) mitigation by Rhino Linings Military Research and Development.  This is a premium coating that costs 30% more than standard truck bed liner coatings provided by others.  The only other product on the market that is equal in properties is Line-X PAXCON.

Base Coat:  Is a light coating of the ballistic steel to seal the armor from environmental elements.  This coating provides no measurable splatter mitigating properties.  Single or Double Base coats do not add splatter mitigating properties.  They only make your armor heavier.  You need at least ¼ inch to be effective.

Build-Up Coat:  At a minimum of ¼ inch of coating is applied to the strike face of the plate to mitigate splatter.  Not all coatings or processes of application are created equal.  The armor steel substraight must go through a 5 step process of Blasting, Cleaning, Etching, Priming, and Curing to achieve the proper adhesion of coating.  You can see substandard build-up coatings separating from the armor plate in many videos after a single round.  Videos of our build-up coatings perform and do not separate.  This superior coating method produces the greatest splatter mitigating properties.

Plate Forming Options:

Multi-Curve CQB:

At the forefront of AR500/AR600 forming technology, we’ve created a “Patent Pending” protected process to achieve the greatest comfort, concealable and weight distributing steel armor plates on the market (Combat Quad-Bend).  The CQB is our top of the line forming process and is modeled from Tier 1 Operator plate multi-curvature that is tried and true for comfort and tactical applications.  This plate wears lighter than any other steel armor on the market.  The CQB can be placed in front or rear configurations.  Also produce CQB Training plates for the gym and cross training, called CATI HIT system.

Single Curve Plates:

Since the beginning of steel armor the single curve was the industry standard because it’s simplistic forming made it easy to produce.  But the inherent problem with single curves is they do not follow the shape of your body, as you are not shaped like a 55 gallon barrel.  Read (Real World vs. YouTube Mentality).  As part of our “Patent Pending” forming technology, we’ve created the Advanced Single Curve.  This curve fits your torso, but does not have the weight distributing properties of the upper chest curve.  Without this curve it is not concealable and will appear heavier without distributing the weight to your chest.  With the introduction of the Advanced Single Curve we are manufacturing the feel and performance of an expensive Tier 1 operator plate at a fraction of the cost in ballistic steel.  If it was easy then someone else would be doing it.  You will only find this comfort at CATI ARMOR.  The Advanced Single Curve can be placed in either front or rear configurations. 

Flat Plates:

Primarily for budget armor purchases, flat plates tend to teeter on your spine and make your plate carrier feel ridiculously uncomfortable.  You are not flat like a wall.

Plate weights:

Base Coat:

10x12    8.1lb

6x8         3.4lb

6x6         2.6lb

11x14    10.5lb


Build-Up Coat:

10x12    9.3lb

6x8         3.8lb

6x6         2.9lb

11x14    11.8lb


Trauma Pads:


Our trauma pads are manufactured by specifically designed high impact foam for protection from blunt force trauma.  These pads are designed to be worn behind the ballistic plate.  As an added value, we ultra-sonically sew each pad into waterproof rip-stop nylon for durability and sanitary reasons.  Your trauma pad should be removed from degradation caused by moisture and movement to achieve long life and functionality.   They are very lightweight and are a ¼ inch thin.


Insurance & Warranty:


We are fully insured for product liability and have a no “BS” manufacturer’s warranty.  Your armor plates are warrantied for 10 years from the verifiable date of purchase against manufacturing defects.  We are easy to work with if there are ever any issues needed addressing now or in the future.


Legal and Terms of Use:

By purchasing from C.A.T.I. Armor, LLC (“C.A.T.I. Armor”), you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions (“Terms &Conditions”); furthermore, you represent, warrant, and confirm the following:


-We do not ship to out of country, Connecticut, FPO/APO, or any US Protectorate.  This is the LAW!

- You are at least 18 years of age and the age of majority in your state, province, or territory of residence at the time of purchase;

- You are not a felon;

- You are not legally barred from purchasing, possessing, or using the item(s) purchased;

- You are legally allowed to possess and use the item(s) in your state;

- Your purchase does not violate any local, state, or federal laws;

- You are not purchasing the item(s) for criminal or amoral purposes;

- You will only use the item(s) purchased for lawful purposes;

- You are purchasing the item(s) on your own behalf and not on behalf someone else in order to avoid complying with these Terms and Conditions;

- You assume all risk of use (or misuse) of the item(s) purchased;

- You understand that body armor is not bullet proof—IT IS ONLY BULLET RESISTANT, and if a bullet strikes you there is always a risk you will be injured or killed; and

- You agree, for yourself and your heirs, assigns, and agents, to fully and completely release, never bring any action in any court of law against, and to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless C.A.T.I. Armor for any and all liability stemming from your purchase, possession, or use of the item(s).

Illegally purchasing, possessing, or using body armor or other items sold by C.A.T.I. Armor may result in severe legal consequences for you, up to and including incarceration. C.A.T.I. Armor willfully cooperate with all criminal investigations. Non-law enforcement residents of Connecticut are prohibited from purchasing body armor.

C.A.T.I. Armor assumes NO LIABILITY for your use or misuse of any item(s) sold or donated, including without limitation any incidental or consequential liability. ALL WARRANTIES, INCLUDING THE WARRANTIES OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND MERCHANT ABILITY, ARE HEREBY EXCLUDED.NO ORAL AGREEMENT OR WARRANTY OF ANY KIND SHALL BE BINDING UNLESS IN WRITING AND SIGNED BY C.A.T.I. ARMOR. Statements, images, or descriptions are informational only, and not made or given as a warranty in any way. C.A.T.I. Armor specifically disavows any other representation, warranty, or liability related to the condition or use of the items sold. C.A.T.I. Armor does not cover any consequential damages, and its liability is limited to repairing or replacing defective items. Every item is sold "AS IS" and "WITH ALL FAULTS". The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the product is with the buyer.

These Terms & Conditions may be updated, revised, or changed without prior notice.


“Come and Take it”

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Customer Reviews 3 item(s)

For More Then Just Gunshots!
I just wanted to bring something up that I think a lot of folks forget about or never even think of. Body Armor can and does save you from other things other then gunshots and knives! Case in point: This morning while wearing my CQB plates in the Bezz carrier while cutting, I was bent over pounding in felling wedges on a tree I was bring down. A broken off branch (a snag) on a neighboring tree about 11" in diameter that I had missed seeing came crashing down, striking me dead center just below my shoulders knocking me to the ground. I'm not sure how high up it was but my back plate took the full force of this 70 pound chunk of wood and I walked away with some mild bruising. Able to finish what I was doing. I'm not sure what damage it would have caused me had I not been wearing my CATI armor but I am sure it would have at the very least ruined my day. Review by Michael / (Posted on 7/8/2017)
Best To Be Had
I wear the CQB Level 3 SAPI front and back in the Beez concealable plate carrier while cutting tree's.
I have a great deal of free time so, I thin out stands of trees for folks who have property right on the river and can not afford to pay to have it done, in an attempt to try and slow some of the traffic and smuggling across their property.
It's not uncommon to have people on the Mexican side of the river taking pot shots at me while doing the cutting and it's a bit rough since you can not really tell when your running a chainsaw, also from time to time, armed men will come out of the underbrush and to tell you to get lost.
I needed a rig that I could wear under a work shirt so it would not be obvious I am wearing armor both up close and from a distance. This rig is perfect! (I'm sure the swimmer cut in the 3+ would be even easier to cancel) Since wearing it I have had 3 different BP officers stop and tell me if they were me they would be wearing armor and are shocked when I show them that I am. The only part of the kit that kind of shows is the back plate along the top. (Again I'm sure the swimmer cut would do away with even this.) I've worn them while running errands everywhere and have not had anyone seem to notice. I would say if you want the lowest profile go with the swimmer cut with no pads you might loose a bit of coverage but from the look of them they will disappear.
These plates hug your body comfortably and in the Beez carrier do not shift around, ride up or shift no matter what I am doing. From kneeling, squatting, turning and twisting, they work with you. The way they hug your body, after just a short time you do not even notice your wearing them and the weight distribution is such you do not know they are, there.

I have lower back issues and I am happy to say this rig does not irritate my back in anyway! I would love to give the new 3+ CQB swimmer cuts a try. As I said before I believe those would go completely un-noticed while adding extra protection. Review by Michael / (Posted on 7/1/2017)
Great product!
I absolutely love the CQB plates and low profile plate carrier. In public no one notices the armor underneath a sweatshirt. I am a small framed man; 5'9" roughly 150lbs and the PC and armor remains 100% concealed. Review by Nick / (Posted on 4/8/2017)

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